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    It's fair to state, however, that although contemporary
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    It's fair to state, however, that although contemporary Runescape is learning from buy OSRS gold its older counterpart, there's a sense of give and take on offer. Osborne points out that OSRS is bringing out Elf City later this season -- something that the new game did six decades ago --"so there's a nice symmetry where we are both borrowing from one another." Later on this summer, Runescape's next major growth, The Land out of Time, kicks off. In addition to sending players to explore a long-lost island, the upgrade will introduce a lot of ancient creatures -- and it is going to be interesting to see if the Old School team can attract those in their game one day.

    A brand new landmass is opening upon the map of Runescape, a mysterious island currently shrouded in fog should you open up your own map. The island is named Anachronia, and it is home to some ruddy huge dinosaurs. To get here, you'll need to help complete a boat that has been under construction in the city of Varrock for 11 decades, with that finished one can set sail for Anachronia where you are going to need to set a base of operations, browse a island-wide Agility course, and -- yes -- search some dinosaurs.

    Old School Runescape players will recognise that the landmass as Fossil Island, but in the warped timeline of Land Out of Time there are no fossils available, just massive beasts too large for gamers to take down through regular battle. To take the island's dinosaurs you'll need to engage with the new Big Game Hunting action, which sees you setting up traps to bring down these behemoths.

    In addition to this there are minigames to earn additional XP, many different quests, new Slayer creatures, a base camp to construct and update during your time on Anachronia, and ultimately craft either the newest Hexhunter maul or pair of dino hide ranged armour. We moved hands-on Land From Time to research as much of how to make money fast on osrs the new landmass as you can, so here is everything you can anticipate if the launch date rolls around.
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