Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
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    . The father said: "In
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    16 years old is a flowery season Online Cigarettes . It brings me maturity like a spring girl, nourishes my soul, and allows me to grow gradually. In the process, there is always love around. Love in a basket of warm eggs. I went to my grandmother's house a few days ago. At noon, there was a plate of chicken on the table. The chicken was tender and delicious. My grandmother looked at me with a happy smile on her face. The wrinkles are all piled up together, grandma is old! Before leaving, my grandmother took out a basket of eggs from the refrigerator and shoved them into my hand, saying, "I don't like eggs, take them home and eat them!" Holding the basket of cold eggs, I was still looking for me My grandmother was so busy that my eyes were wet. My grandmother didn't want to eat it but left it to me. The most needed thing was the grandmother. Holding the basket of eggs, her heart was rippled with love. When I was in my grandmother's watch and went home from noon every day, I always found a familiar figure watching me on the balcony. That's grandma. Every time she tried to stand up to her own back, lean on her toes, and leaned down her neck to look downstairs. Until you see me, your grandma's face will smile Carton Of Cigarettes . Every time I see this scene, my heart will be touched by it. My grandma is very old and my body is not good, but I still worry about me and feel my grandmother's stare. The flower of love blooms in my heart. The love of my father is gentle. In the words, the sky was clear, but my heart was as heavy as lead. The failure of the exams made me unable to lift my head. The father came to me and touched my head. There was no blame, and then he was gentle. Said: "Did you fail in an exam to break you?" Father's words touched the pain in my heart again, and Douda's tears slipped from my face to my toes. The father said: "In my life, I will encounter many difficulties and face it bravely. My father ��s words are like a ray of sunshine that dispelled the haze in my heart. It is my father ��s words that regained my confidence. The wind and rain that never shrinks from 16 is more fulfilled by love . It is a true and down-to-earth emotion from the bottom of my heart. It is like the winter sun that warms my hear
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