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    people's hearts. M
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    Some people say that love is in the thick chicken soup; some people say that love is in the warm embrace; some people say that love is in the greeting of being kind; we always look for love around us, but in fact love is around us. I still remember that the sky was gloomy last Thursday afternoon as if there was a storm coming at any time. I was uneasy sitting in the classroom, I did n��t bring an umbrella, and my parents did n��t know that I would leave school early. What should I do? I kept thinking, "Don't rain, don't rain, but God seems to oppose me like a ruthless pour a large basin of water from the sky, and my heart suddenly pulls cold." The minute passed, and the ticking of the second hand seemed to me to be the footsteps of death. Finally, it was after school Cigarettes Online . But the rain didn't mean to stop at all. We lined up out of the school gate and saw an umbrella passing by in front of me Parliament Cigarettes . One of my classmates got into my father's and mother's car. My heart was anxious. I clasped my hands tightly to my chest and anxious under the tree. Walking around, a gust of wind blew all the water from the tree, and my body became wet instantly. I suddenly felt like I was the worst person in the world. I do n��t know if I heard my heart. Just then an aunt held an umbrella to protect me from the rain. I looked up at her, the face of that day was deeply imprinted in my heart, and I whispered: Thank you! She replied with a smile and said: Nothing! A warm current came out of my heart. I'm not an expressive person, so we didn't talk too much, but all my thanks were in my heart Marlboro Gold . After waiting for a long time, the aunt seemed to be waiting for her child, and she looked at the school gate from time to time. Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in my eyes, it was mom! I immediately thought that I ran to the mother regardless of the rain and told the aunt to the mother, but she was no longer visible when we were about to thank her. "She is such an angel," I thought to myself. I think this might be a love! This love is ordinary but it can warm people's hearts. Many people are looking for the care of love, but they do not know that they have lost a lot in the process of searching. I often think that maybe the frustrations in our lives were deliberately arranged for us by God, and when we face these frustrations, there will be an angel around us to help us. She may be friends; maybe parents; maybe teachers; It ��s our need to cherish the pure word ��love��, and do n��t let it exist in our hands and lose it in our fingers. We have to be clear
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